This is not a blog, that is, it is not a running commentary on how my personal philosophy applies to what I think in the morning when I get out of bed. It is merely a published record of what remains of two of my Mailart projects after the fact. It is also a place to document some of my Internet Art. Not necessarily a description or explanation of what that is, but a place to record some of the process. 

The current project in Soft City Days, “On a Jingle Jangle Morning” is a compilation of 84 photographs I took of stuffed toy animals found in abandoned homeless camps in Anchorage, Alaska. I don’t know what I’m doing with them. That is something I’m processing as I work. I have a fear some nights that it is perhaps a glimpse into our future. It leads me to think the story of Adam and the loss of Paradise isn’t so much a religious creation myth but is more so a prophecy we are seeing coming to fruition in this age. We are losing the garden.

I am also posting “On a Jingle Jangle Morning” on Instagram where it was conceived and probably fits better. I wanted to also put it here because of the temporary and artificial feel of that other platform. I could work out the edits and the organizational process in a more thorough way on WordPress even though I think of the other as the actual project.In the meantime, I’m feeling my way as I go so let’s not try to make sense of anything or wonder about the thought at work here. I will eventually shift my focus to what’s left of the garden, but this is what is in front of me now. It is the same as when that man found this unicycle in a tall grass field, a wild and crazy man who knew he could never fit in. But what he didn’t know was that if he ever found the rest of his people he could quit trying to ride the worthless, pointless thing and get back to doing all the things that he knew